The Life and Times of a Triggit Account Manager

By Kelly McCarthy, Account Manager I love working with data, technology and people, and that’s what ultimately lead me to Triggit. As an Account Manager (AM), my main responsibilities include implementing dynamic retargeting strategies and guiding high-value client relationships on Triggit’s RTB platform. Let’s dive a little deeper…here’s a typical day in my life as an AM: 7:15 AM: Wake up to a dream that takes place partly at the office, partly in Game of Thrones. I wish I was kidding, but it somehow seems like an appropriate segway between Sunday night and Monday morning. 8:30 AM: Time to check my inbox. … Read More

FBX Optimization Tips: Improve Your Ads

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views. By Prachi Mishra, Product Marketing Manager When retargeting first came out, direct-response advertisers rejoiced at the opportunity to get in front of users who had already demonstrated purchase intent. When FBX launched in 2012, it was icing on the cake; suddenly advertisers could retarget site visitors on a channel they visited 24/7! Advertisers quickly learned that just because you can serve an ad doesn’t mean you should be serving just any ‘ol ad. In terms of serving of a low-quality ad, not only are advertisers spending money on … Read More

How to Scale Your Retargeting Campaigns

By Jillian Gamache, Account Services At Triggit, we know first-hand the amazing performance that direct-response advertisers can achieve on the Facebook Exchange (FBX). With dynamic product retargeting, these clients see their bottom-line revenue increase with up to and over 25X ROI. With these types of results, our clients just have one request: More volume! How exactly can an advertiser generate more retargeting volume? Serve more impressions to your existing user pool. — We don’t encourage this; excessive impressions aren’t good for the user experience or your efficiency. Drive more traffic to your website to increase your retargeting user pool. — … Read More

Top 3 Things You Should Be Doing on FBX (and 3 Things to Stop Doing Now!)

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views. By Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager at Triggit As an alpha partner on FBX, we’ve built our business around learning the ins and outs of this incredibly efficient DR channel. We’ve helped clients across the globe drive record-breaking ROI from their FBX campaigns, and we’ve learned a lot along the way. Today, we’d like to share the top three things you should be doing (and what you should stop doing), to drive incremental revenue from your own FBX campaigns. What To Do Now: 1. Leverage Dynamic … Read More

A Look at the Biggest Quarter in Facebook Retargeting History

By Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager Q4 2013 was the biggest quarter in Facebook retargeting history as direct-response advertisers spent more marketing dollars on the channel proven to drive ROI at scale. When retargeting on the Facebook Exchange made its debut in 2012, the Facebook landrush quickly began as advertisers set out to capture high-converting, high-revenue customers in the masses. Within the last year, the explosive growth and increasing efficiencies prompted direct response marketers to allocate more marketing dollars to a new channel with performance that rivals paid search. 2013 marked the first holiday season with year-over-year data on FBX, and … Read More

The Rise of Facebook Retargeting in Brazil

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views. Read it in Portuguese here! By Alison Morris, Director of Marketing It’s a new year, and like many of you, we’ve been reflecting on the themes that shaped our growth in 2013. This past year has brought incredibly exciting developments to the digital media world, including the launch of retargeting in Facebook’s News Feed, the rise of the native ad unit, and, perhaps most exciting as our global business continues to grow, the ever-increasing performance in Latin America, particularly in Brazil. Brazil ranks as … Read More

Zach’s 2014 Predictions

By Zach Coelius, CEO & Co-Founder Though it is becoming quite repetitive to say this, 2013 was the best year ever for Triggit.  Somehow we once again managed to grow revenues, our team and our customer base exponentially.  Clearly, we were in the right place at the right time as the confluence of RTB, Native Ad units and data driven advertising created a perfect storm of growth for us.  The wave we are riding just seems to grow stronger every year. With that said, here are my predictions for 2014: 1. Better ad formats. One aspect of the online ad industry … Read More

My 2013 Predictions Recap

By Zach Coelius, CEO & Co-Founder The game of making predictions is a tricky business.  Some years you do pretty well, and some you don’t.  I started throwing out these wild-ass guesses back in 2009 and it’s fun to look back over my predictions from all those years. 2009 Recap & 2010 Predictions and Recap of 2010: So cool to look back to when it all began. 2011 Predictions and 2011 Recap: A solid hit, but a bit boring. 2012 Predictions and 2012 Recap: An epic whiff. And now to the fun part, let’s see how I did for the … Read More

Cyber Monday: Facebook Retargeting CTR Nearly Doubles, 34% Higher Conversion Rate

By Alison Morris, Director of Marketing at Triggit Stellar conversion rates, record-breaking retargeting CTRs and impressive campaign growth mean Facebook retargeting will emerge from 2013 as a proven direct response marketing tactic and take its place next to SEM as an always-on channel. SEM was previously the only efficient and scalable channel to which advertisers allocated extra budget during the holidays, but the landscape has changed dramatically.  As our Year-Over-Year Cyber Monday data shows, Facebook retargeting has matured since last year and is the holiday gift that will keep on giving in 2014. Advertisers spent a small portion of their … Read More

Retargeting On Facebook: Vendor Reality Check

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views.  By Alison Morris, Director of Marketing When search engine marketing (SEM) was in its early years, the direct response advertisers who dove in saw a combination of great ROI, scale and immediate conversions never seen before. In a market with little competition, global reach and stellar conversion rates, all you needed to succeed then was some basic search knowledge and an Overture or AdWords account. As the SEM industry developed, keyword lists and campaign complexity grew, and so did the need for enterprise SEM solutions. … Read More

Are You Positioned for Large-Scale FBX Retargeting Success?

By Alison Morris You’ve no doubt heard the laundry list of record-breaking performance data on the Facebook Exchange (FBX) compared to traditional online channels — higher CTR, higher conversion rates, lower CPCs, and of course, increasingly high ROAS. What you may not know, however, is that launching and successfully scaling a dynamic FBX retargeting campaign is two parts technology, but also one part experienced services.  As FBX continues to grow in popularity, large direct response advertisers must understand both how to make retargeting technology effective, and what level of DSP vendor services are required if they want to stay in … Read More

Triggit FBX CTR Blows Nanigans Out Of The Water

FBX users convert at an extremely high rate compared to traditional online channels. The higher your FBX traffic, the higher your conversions. So how do you get more traffic without breaking the bank? Improve your CTR. In its Facebook Retail Benchmarks (Oct 2013), Nanigans revealed their aggregate FBX retail CTRs, proving that over 200 retailers could instantly improve their CTR and get 3X higher ROAS with Triggit! Based on Nanigan’s published data & data from ten Triggit retailers chosen at random, Triggit’s FBX RHS ads CTR is 240% higher, while our FBX News Feed ads CTR 47% higher. All other … Read More

FBX Retargeting & The Holidays: Top 5 Things Every Retailer Should Know

By Alison Morris, Sr. Strategic Account Manager This holiday season, U.S. online sales are expected to increase 15% year-over-year. With online shoppers’ projected spend close to $62 billion in November and December, are you ready to capture your company’s share of this massive market? While many advertisers have jumped on the Facebook Exchange (FBX) bandwagon to drive online sales during the holidays, and throughout the year, not everyone is capitalizing on this über-efficient source of traffic. Since 2012, as we’ve successfully navigated the FBX maze and witnessed our share of advertisers’ mistakes, we’ve seen dramatic growth in performance with a … Read More

Wrapping Up The Year With A Live, Dynamic FBX Campaign

By Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views.  RSVP for Wrapping Up the Year with FBX, Oct 24th at 11am PST now! Integrations. For the typical display or SEM holiday campaign, “integrations” don’t exist; however, when it comes to retargeting, integrations are the key to utilizing your first party data to relevantly retargeting your site visitors. Since many DR marketers have plans to run FBX campaigns for the holidays, we thought would share a quick insight: integrations are surprisingly complicated and can very quickly become a lengthy process. Having … Read More

So You Wanna Retarget Dynamically in the FB News Feed Before The Holidays?

Webinar: Wrapping up the Year with FBX – Oct 24th at 11am PST By Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager As we settle into fall, direct response advertisers have just one thought on their brains: the holidays are coming. Like it or not, holiday season 2013 is upon us. And as Triggit goes into our second year helping large advertisers retarget dynamically on FBX, we want to share what it’ll take to go from “Let’s retarget on Facebook” to delighting – and converting – millions of potential customers with relevant ads in the News Feed. Most importantly, getting an FBX retargeting campaign … Read More

Increase Retargeting Success on FBX: Bidding Opportunities

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views By Dana Kaplan, Lead Data Wrangler When building out an effective retargeting campaign, choosing the right ad exchange and inventory is often a very important (and rarely discussed) factor in meeting your ROI goals. But, in addition to finding your intent-laden users out in the internet wilderness (Hint: FBX!), making sure your message is relevant (Hint: dynamic creative!), and all the other retargeting best practices (Hint: FBX playbook!), actually having enough opportunities from which to choose in order to serve your users ads is a key part of your … Read More

FBX & News Feed Retargeting: Industry Adoption Rates & Performance

By Prachi Mishra, Marketing Manager By the time big  brick and mortar retailers figured out that SEM was of strategic importance, tiny brands like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and MercadoLivre had already built sizable leads in no small part on the backs of two now mainstream SEM tactics – massive long tail keyword sets and dynamic search ads – neither of which were aggressively espoused by the search engines until they were buried in Benjamins.  As much as anything, the rise of the web retailers was a lesson in the importance globally scaling new marketing tactics, and getting off the sidelines early. … Read More

Triggit Hires Chief Financial Officer As Global FBX Demand Continues to Grow

Triggit, the global Facebook Exchange (FBX) retargeting partner, announced today that Trishan Arul would be joining as its first Chief Financial Officer. Most recently, Arul was Head of Business Operations at start-up incubator The Obvious Corporation formed by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone along with early Twitter executive Jason Goldman. Arul was responsible for financial, legal, and investment activity. Arul helped Obvious scale the founding team, launch the Medium publishing platform, acquire UK based Matter Publishing, and invest in various early stage startups. As a key member of the management team he will be integral in harnessing Triggit’s … Read More

News Feed Retargeting, Dynamic Ads and Freedom From the AdWords Toll Booth

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views By Chris Zaharias Since launching in alpha June 2012, Facebook’s ad exchange (FBX) has tantalized the online marketing community by offering the hope of bringing scale to retargeting, the pound-for-pound direct response advertising ROI leader.  Starting September of last year, advertisers have been able to retarget on all of Facebook’s right-hand side (RHS) inventory worldwide, and the one thing everyone involved has agreed on is that FBX has massive inventory, costs less and performs better than any other display inventory source, and better than … Read More

One Year, One Order Of Magnitude Growth: Triggit Leads Way Onto Facebook Exchange

Triggit acknowledged as the dominant Facebook retargeting firm for the world’s largest advertisers Triggit, the global leader in retargeting on Facebook, announced today – exactly one year after serving its first ad on the Facebook Exchange (FBX) – that it has grown 779% in revenue since first getting on the ad exchange. In one short year, FBX has changed the online advertising space. Since last June, we’ve seen how well highly relevant experiences resonate with Facebook’s users. And now that we’re running dynamic creative ads in Facebook’s News Feed, Triggit’s FBX advertisers are starting to see conversion volume commensurate with … Read More