One Year, One Order Of Magnitude Growth: Triggit Leads Way Onto Facebook Exchange

Triggit acknowledged as the dominant Facebook retargeting firm for the world’s largest advertisers Triggit, the global leader in retargeting on Facebook, announced today – exactly one year after serving its first ad on the Facebook Exchange (FBX) – that it has grown 779% in revenue since first getting on the ad exchange. In one short year, FBX has changed the online advertising space. Since last June, we’ve seen how well highly relevant experiences resonate with Facebook’s users. And now that we’re running dynamic creative ads in Facebook’s News Feed, Triggit’s FBX advertisers are starting to see conversion volume commensurate with … Read More

Triggit 2013 Predictions

Zach Coelius CEO, Triggit  Without a doubt, 2012 was the best year in Triggit’s history. In the past 12 months we have grown more 300% in both revenue and staff.  We launched our best product to date with FBX.  We signed incredibly important advertisers all over the world.  And we are having more fun than ever before.  Last year was nothing short of awesome.  Thank you to everyone who made it possible. But as good as 2012 was, I am incredibly bullish for 2013.  Here are my predictions: First and foremost, 2013 is going to be great year for the … Read More

Retargeted Facebook Users and the All-Day Conversion Effect

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views. Most people will admit that they have Facebook open in at least one tab of their browser at any given time. In fact, you probably have a tab open as you read this! Facebook, much like television, seems “to always be on” regardless of what we’re currently doing. Intelligent advertisers, however, have to ask themselves if the users who are on Facebook all this time are actually engaged with the ads whenever they are perusing the social network. In other words, if users are … Read More

Why the Facebook Exchange Won’t Repeat the Same Mistakes that Traditional RTB Display Advertising Made

Today’s blog post is cross-published from, an industry leader in SEM and bid optimization software. By Steve Palombo Account Executive, Triggit With the public unveiling of the Facebook Exchange (FBX) two weeks ago, our industry has been buzzing with success stories across the board from Facebook’s new, real-time bidding enabled exchange platform. At a basic glance, FBX still represents the old Facebook advertising model: a 99×72 image ad with a 25 character title and 90 characters of body copy living on the side of our newsfeeds and sitting next to the pictures from our best friend’s trip to Corfu. … Read More

Triggit 2012 Predictions

2011 was quite a year for those of us at Triggit.  Once again our revenue grew exponentially, our team more than doubled in size, we expanded into in-stream video and mobile, and we landed some huge clients.  As an old friend of mine used to say, “Not too shabby.” But enough with 2011. Let’s talk about 2012… Deep Data.  2012 will also be the year of deep data.  For the last three years, we in the industry have all worked hard to make data work, and we have made a ton progress.  Yet as far as we have come, the … Read More

Recap of 2011 Predictions

As the end of the year slowly creeps towards us, the time has come to take a look back at the last year while looking forward to the New Year. Before publishing my predictions for 2012, let’s see how the 2011 predictions did: Triggit 2011 Predictions: Without a doubt 2010 was a hell of a year for all of us here at Triggit. Not only has our space grown exponentially, but so have we. This year we grew over 2000% in revenue, our team tripled, and the number of RTB impressions that pass through our system grew by more than … Read More

Zach speaks at Data Marketing Summit

Digiday’s annual Data Marketing Summit kicks into high gear today in Deer Valley, Utah.   Industry professionals will be speaking on a range of topics from data vendor management to the state of Big Data.  Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit, will weigh in on the panel, “Can Data Truly Tell Us What Advertising Works?” Panel Excerpt: Drowning in data, thirsting for knowledge. While there’s no shortage of data points to measure, extracting usable knowledge from a sea of data still remains a challenge for advertisers and publishers alike. Wannamaker’s 50 percent rule may no longer apply, but brands and publishers are … Read More

Zach on “Yahoo! Requiring RMX Seats For DSP Advertisers”

Last week, several demand-side platform (DSP) companies were informed that their advertiser clients could no longer buy Yahoo! remnant, display ad inventory through their DSP seat on the Right Media Exchange (RMX). Instead, those advertisers will need to get their own seats on RMX if they want to buy Yahoo! remnant display ads. Read more. reached out to a selection of companies in the ad ecosystem which use DSP technology. They were asked the following question: “What’s your reaction to Yahoo! requiring seats for advertisers on Right Media Exchange versus buying through DSPs, ad networks, etc.?” Zach Coelius, CEO, … Read More