Facebook Exchange Ads: It’s not about you. It’s all about me.

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views. By Christina Park On Facebook, I find most people, including myself, to be incredibly self-absorbed. The content that we’re drawn to are the posts, pictures, and comments that are most relevant to us. My next logical leap would be to think that this type of mentality would naturally extend itself to the ads we see on Facebook.  So my first question we ask our clients is, “Who and then what?” Who do you want to show your ads to, and what do you think would … Read More

Triggit 2012 Predictions

2011 was quite a year for those of us at Triggit.  Once again our revenue grew exponentially, our team more than doubled in size, we expanded into in-stream video and mobile, and we landed some huge clients.  As an old friend of mine used to say, “Not too shabby.” But enough with 2011. Let’s talk about 2012… Deep Data.  2012 will also be the year of deep data.  For the last three years, we in the industry have all worked hard to make data work, and we have made a ton progress.  Yet as far as we have come, the … Read More

Recap of 2011 Predictions

As the end of the year slowly creeps towards us, the time has come to take a look back at the last year while looking forward to the New Year. Before publishing my predictions for 2012, let’s see how the 2011 predictions did: Triggit 2011 Predictions: Without a doubt 2010 was a hell of a year for all of us here at Triggit. Not only has our space grown exponentially, but so have we. This year we grew over 2000% in revenue, our team tripled, and the number of RTB impressions that pass through our system grew by more than … Read More

Zach speaks at Data Marketing Summit

Digiday’s annual Data Marketing Summit kicks into high gear today in Deer Valley, Utah.   Industry professionals will be speaking on a range of topics from data vendor management to the state of Big Data.  Zach Coelius, CEO of Triggit, will weigh in on the panel, “Can Data Truly Tell Us What Advertising Works?” Panel Excerpt: Drowning in data, thirsting for knowledge. While there’s no shortage of data points to measure, extracting usable knowledge from a sea of data still remains a challenge for advertisers and publishers alike. Wannamaker’s 50 percent rule may no longer apply, but brands and publishers are … Read More

Zach on AdExchanger.com: “Yahoo! Requiring RMX Seats For DSP Advertisers”

Last week, several demand-side platform (DSP) companies were informed that their advertiser clients could no longer buy Yahoo! remnant, display ad inventory through their DSP seat on the Right Media Exchange (RMX). Instead, those advertisers will need to get their own seats on RMX if they want to buy Yahoo! remnant display ads. Read more. AdExchanger.com reached out to a selection of companies in the ad ecosystem which use DSP technology. They were asked the following question: “What’s your reaction to Yahoo! requiring seats for advertisers on Right Media Exchange versus buying through DSPs, ad networks, etc.?” Zach Coelius, CEO, … Read More

Triggit Case Study

Background Kodak Gallery is a service that allows users to upload and store photos, as well as create and purchase one-of-a-kind cards, books, prints, and gifts with the stored files. Although seeing success testing various DSPs for customer acquisition efforts, Kodak felt that the user profile and purchasing data stored in their CRM system was not being fully leveraged to maximize advertising efficiency and grow their customer base. Campaign Objectives Maximize order revenue while maintaining or improving an ROAS of 700% The Triggit Solution By directly integrating Kodak’s complete data set, applying advanced retargeting techniques, and validating results via proprietary … Read More

The Data Behind “Bigger is Better”

As advertisers clamor for more interactive and engaging ad formats, we often hear a call to publishers and platforms to support bigger ad sizes. With display industry giants like AOL now offering display ads up to four times the size of typical display ads and with Google and Microsoft moving to standardize bigger ad sizes, we have to ask: just how much better is “bigger”? A bigger ad is nicer to look at and might be more engaging for users, but do bigger ad sizes actually lead to more conversion volume and more revenue for advertisers? To answer this question, … Read More

Triggit’s RC TargusInfo Lambo Office Tour

Triggit’s crack engineering team decided to disassemble our TargusInfo-issued radio controlled Lambo to mount an iPhone to it. We managed to fit a Photojojo telephoto iPhone tripod head onto the trunk and fasten it to where we removed the rear spoiler. While removing the spoiler did attenuate the Lambo’s downdraft thereby reducing its overall rear traction, the ends justified the means for this camera mount operation. This will serve as a most (un)necessary stopgap solution until our AR Drone Quadricopter arrives. Check out the video after the jump to witness the full glory of our modified RC Lambo’s maiden voyage … Read More

Amazon chooses Triggit’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) technology

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 27, 2011 – Triggit (triggit.com) today announced that it has been selected by Amazon.com to serve as a Demand Side Platform (DSP) for Amazon’s digital display advertising. Triggit will provide Amazon with its sophisticated real time bidding (RTB) software to enable Amazon to show the right ads to the right users across nine ad exchanges and more than four million websites. “To be selected to provide technology to a company as technically advanced as Amazon is humbling and incredibly exciting,” said Zach Coelius, Triggit’s CEO. “We are looking forward to working with the Amazon team … Read More

Charity Twitter Auction for Red Triggit Hoodies

Finally own the Red Triggit Hoodie you’ve been dreaming of! Sweatshirts are finally up for grabs via a Charity Auction to the Red Cross and the Japanese Earthquake Victims. Update 1: Tuesday, 4:38PM PST: After hot and heavy bidding the current highest bidders arenow @mbutterf at $320, @markmannio at $500 and @jaysears at $600. Remember its for charity, you can write it off. Update #2: Tuesday 5:47PM PST: The bidding stands with @markmannino at $500 @jaysears at $600 and @kiastora at $650. What will the evening bring once drinks start? Update #3: Wednesday, 12:36PM PST We are now also adding … Read More

Triggit Welcomes John Whitmore as Our New VP of Sales

Triggit is very excited to announce that John Whitmore has adopted Triggit Red and has joined us as our new VP of Sales. John will be based in New York where he will be opening and leading our new office in that city. John has had a distinguished career in digital media for the last twelve years with positions at companies like Bizo, Valueclick and X+1. For those of you who know John, you can surely understand our excitement when someone as experienced and knowledgeable about our space chooses to join our team. John was working with marketers to help … Read More

Triggit 2011 Predictions

Without a doubt 2010 was a hell of a year for all of us here at Triggit. Not only has our space grown exponentially, but so have we. This year we grew over 2000% in revenue, our team tripled and the number of RTB impressions that pass through our system grew by more 15x. Needless to say it seems like we are doing something right. But the past is behind us and the really exciting stuff is yet to come. Here are our 2011 predictions: 2011 will be the year when RTB and exchange trading crosses the tipping point and … Read More

Recap of 2010 Predictions

As 2010 begins to close, the time for recaps and predictions is getting closer.  But before I publish the 2011 predictions lets look back at the 2010 predictions Turning Cupcakes Into Cash . Last year the new Ad Tech landscape was just emerging and lot of us who had been at it from the beginning were getting a handle on all the changes.   We looked around at the hype, the buzz, the FUD and the BS with mixture of bemusement, wonder and trepidation.   Looking into 2010 from 2009 was a very interesting perspective and I really enjoyed rereading my thoughts … Read More

Susan on Sourcing Venture Capital and Being a Woman in Tech

A few weeks ago I did an interview with Pemo Theodore about what its like being a woman in tech, and specifically in dealing with Venture Capitalists and fundraising. We love our VCs (hopefully that came out in the interview!), but it’s a fun discussion that provides some interesting perspective on Triggit’s journey. Video below, excerpts can be found at the EzBis blog.