Getting the most out of dynamic ad copy on the Facebook Exchange

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC. By Steve Palombo, Sr. Account Executive I often read and hear skepticism from industry pundits, conference attendees, and even potential clients regarding the viability of the format of Facebook Exchange, or the Marketplace ad. I am often asked, “What can Triggit possibly do within the confines of the Facebook ad unit? And how do you do it in 90 characters or less? Who reads that stuff anyway?”  At first glance, the image space looks tiny and the text limitations is like writing a haiku for anyone trying to write Facebook ad copy. In fact, … Read More

Triggit’s FBX Retargeting Playbook for 2013

Tips & Strategies from the First Facebook Exchange Noel By Christina Park Marketing@Triggit  Advertisers who began retargeting on Facebook Exchange in 2012 saw results that they hadn’t seen since 2002. On average, advertisers were seeing 4-6x higher return on ad spend at ⅕ the cost of anywhere else, making the Facebook Exchange the best converting and most efficient online marketing channel to date. Numbers like these made large direct advertisers with an aggregate of half a billion monthly unique site visitors rush to retarget on Facebook with Triggit in time for the holidays. So, how did the Facebook Exchange do … Read More

Backblaze and SurveyMonkey Are First Cloud-Based Storage and Online Subscription Services to Advertise on Facebook Exchange

In Francisco, CA (PRWeb) Sept 16, 2012 – Backblaze and SurveyMonkey, innovators in the cloud-based storage and professional online survey industries, announced today that they are early partners running ads on Facebook’s® newest advertising platform, the Facebook Exchange. Facebook Exchange is a real-time bidding ad system that target ads to Facebook users. The two partners selected Triggit, one of the leading real-time demand side platforms, to power their ads on the new exchange. After seeing the initial campaign results, Backblaze and SurveyMonkey said that they’re excited about being one of the first in their respective verticals to advertise on a … Read More

Facebook Exchange: The biggest new channel for large, direct response marketers since paid search

And why technology matters more than ever to come out on top for the next decade By Zach Coelius Facebook Exchange (FBX) is now open to the public. 11 new people join Facebook every second. One in seven people are on Facebook right now — resulting in one quarter of all internet page views. Whatever the speculations may be about Facebook’s slowing growth, the reality is that it’s still the biggest website in the world. Imagine going from casting a fishing line in a pond to dropping a gigantic net in the Atlantic Ocean. That’s what it’s like to retarget … Read More

Attribution—Why View-Through Matters

In the great attribution debate of display advertising, it often feels as though we have click-through metrics in one corner and view-through in another.  While many polarizing articles, with tag lines such as “Kill the Click,” have been written to shine light on the need for other conversion metrics, click-through metrics remain alive and well.  So, we wondered, who really wins in a cage-match battle? Click-Through According to a March 2009 comScore study, only 16% of Internet users clicked on at least one display ad.  This was down from the 32% of clickers recorded in a similar 2007 study. The … Read More

Triggit Case Study

Background Kodak Gallery is a service that allows users to upload and store photos, as well as create and purchase one-of-a-kind cards, books, prints, and gifts with the stored files. Although seeing success testing various DSPs for customer acquisition efforts, Kodak felt that the user profile and purchasing data stored in their CRM system was not being fully leveraged to maximize advertising efficiency and grow their customer base. Campaign Objectives Maximize order revenue while maintaining or improving an ROAS of 700% The Triggit Solution By directly integrating Kodak’s complete data set, applying advanced retargeting techniques, and validating results via proprietary … Read More