Getting the most out of dynamic ad copy on the Facebook Exchange

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC. By Steve Palombo, Sr. Account Executive I often read and hear skepticism from industry pundits, conference attendees, and even potential clients regarding the viability of the format of Facebook Exchange, or the Marketplace ad. I am often asked, “What can Triggit possibly do within the confines of the Facebook ad unit? And how do you do it in 90 characters or less? Who reads that stuff anyway?”  At first glance, the image space looks tiny and the text limitations is like writing a haiku for anyone trying to write Facebook ad copy. In fact, … Read More

Who’s Winning On Facebook Exchange, Where, & Why?

By Zach Coelius Since Facebook Exchange (FBX) launched last year, Triggit has been inundated with large direct response advertisers worldwide wanting to try out this most promising new channel.  Our Engineering and Accounts teams have worked tirelessly to bring intent-laden retail, travel, finance, auto & other cookie data to Facebook so that good advertisers could connect with their customers in a massive, brand-safe setting.  While we and other FBX partners have sung FBX’s ROI story from the infographic rooftops, no one’s revealed exactly who’s winning this game, where they’re winning, and why some are winning more than others.  With hundreds … Read More

Triggit’s FBX Retargeting Playbook for 2013

Tips & Strategies from the First Facebook Exchange Noel By Christina Park Marketing@Triggit  Advertisers who began retargeting on Facebook Exchange in 2012 saw results that they hadn’t seen since 2002. On average, advertisers were seeing 4-6x higher return on ad spend at ⅕ the cost of anywhere else, making the Facebook Exchange the best converting and most efficient online marketing channel to date. Numbers like these made large direct advertisers with an aggregate of half a billion monthly unique site visitors rush to retarget on Facebook with Triggit in time for the holidays. So, how did the Facebook Exchange do … Read More

Why the Facebook Exchange ends the viewability debate

This latest data insight was unveiled at last Thursday’s SF Roadshow. To be the first to hear fresh new insights, sign up now for the next roadshow at 11/14 in Chicago at SES! Cheapest online price for generic viagra By Christina Park Advertisers have been spending a lot of time and money trying to adopt the “viewable impression” standard, i.e. only paying for ads that are actually seen, not just served. It’s becoming more and more important for advertisers to capture a person’s attention as effectively as possible as users bounce from site to site at high velocity in an … Read More

Retargeted Facebook Users and the All-Day Conversion Effect

Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views. Most people will admit that they have Facebook open in at least one tab of their browser at any given time. In fact, you probably have a tab open as you read this! Facebook, much like television, seems “to always be on” regardless of what we’re currently doing. Intelligent advertisers, however, have to ask themselves if the users who are on Facebook all this time are actually engaged with the ads whenever they are perusing the social network. In other words, if users are … Read More

Why the Facebook Exchange Won’t Repeat the Same Mistakes that Traditional RTB Display Advertising Made

Today’s blog post is cross-published from, an industry leader in SEM and bid optimization software. By Steve Palombo Account Executive, Triggit With the public unveiling of the Facebook Exchange (FBX) two weeks ago, our industry has been buzzing with success stories across the board from Facebook’s new, real-time bidding enabled exchange platform. At a basic glance, FBX still represents the old Facebook advertising model: a 99×72 image ad with a 25 character title and 90 characters of body copy living on the side of our newsfeeds and sitting next to the pictures from our best friend’s trip to Corfu. … Read More

Facebook Exchange: The biggest new channel for large, direct response marketers since paid search

And why technology matters more than ever to come out on top for the next decade By Zach Coelius Facebook Exchange (FBX) is now open to the public. 11 new people join Facebook every second. One in seven people are on Facebook right now — resulting in one quarter of all internet page views. Whatever the speculations may be about Facebook’s slowing growth, the reality is that it’s still the biggest website in the world. Imagine going from casting a fishing line in a pond to dropping a gigantic net in the Atlantic Ocean. That’s what it’s like to retarget … Read More