Facebook Retargeting On News Feed Is Now Live

The front page of our generation’s newspaper looks very different from the one our parents read. In fact, it is no longer a newspaper – it’s Facebook, on desktop, smart phones and tablets, run by computers generating content tailored to your interests because it comes from your personal network. Facebook is 20% of the Internet, and the majority of that is the News Feed, where people scroll, scroll and then scroll some more to find personalized, relevant social content.  Now, that never-ending content stream is ready to include *your*  hyper-relevant, dynamic retargeting ads. That’s right!  Starting today, Triggit’s advertisers can … Read More

How to Go 100% Dynamic With Your Travel Campaign

By Sam Mitchell, Accounts Analyst After personally overseeing millions of dynamic travel ads flowing through our servers and driving relevant retargeting on Facebook, it’s clear to me that global travel advertisers are extremely well-suited to Triggit’s dynamic creative offering. With hundreds of origins/destination pairs, thousands of packages, tens of thousands of hotels and millions of unique visitors, large travel sites have near-infinite travel permutations. Only constantly changing, personalized, interesting ad units will reignite and convert intent-laden cookie pools. Unlike a dynamically generated e-commerce ad unit (pretty straightforward: show a user an ad for a product they clicked on or one … Read More

Introducing the Triggit Exchange Forecasting Tool

Exchange forecasting: gain campaign insights without spending a penny.  Now, for advertisers and agencies with large budgets tied to data-driven campaigns, Triggit offers the new Triggit Exchange Forecasting Tool.  With this tool, advertisers are able to get a clear sense of what their campaigns will look like, before spending a single cent. With Triggit’s Exchange Forecasting Tool, advertisers gain unique insight into their users’ behaviors.  Forecasting campaigns allow advertisers to: TRY BEFORE THEY BUY See how many impressions will match the set parameters without actually buying/serving the impression. EXPLORE CAMPAIGN OPTIONS Set up specific campaign parameters as they would appear … Read More

The Triggit RTB Platform

Full Campaign Controls From defining your campaigns to creating offer targeting parameters and uploading your creative, the RTB Platform leaves full control of your campaign in your hands. Site List Transparency and Insights. viagra order uk The RTB Platform provides organized, and accessible, access to full site-lists and available inventory. Real-Time, White List and Black List Controls With Triggit’s Fully transparent media buying, you can add any site to your white list, or black list, at any time. Global Frequency Capping Thanks to Triggits proprietary cookie store and user mapping, Triggit is able to apply global, cross exchange, frequency capping. … Read More

Reporting & Analytics

Everything is Real-time, including our Reporting and Analytics, so you always know exactly where your ads have run and how they have performed. View what sites your ads have run on, how well the ads performed, and how much it all cost you. Drill down on full click, and conversion, tracking, detailing the exact moment a user engaged with your offer. Schedule and email and/or export options so to ensure timely, accurate delivery in your inbox. Evaluate the increased performance of retargeted users vs new ones. Discover the importance of ad scheduling and pacing. Use multiple layers of filtering to … Read More