Triggit 2012 Predictions

2011 was quite a year for those of us at Triggit.  Once again our revenue grew exponentially, our team more than doubled in size, we expanded into in-stream video and mobile, and we landed some huge clients.  As an old friend of mine used to say, “Not too shabby.” But enough with 2011. Let’s talk about 2012… Deep Data.  2012 will also be the year of deep data.  For the last three years, we in the industry have all worked hard to make data work, and we have made a ton progress.  Yet as far as we have come, the … Read More

Recap of 2011 Predictions

As the end of the year slowly creeps towards us, the time has come to take a look back at the last year while looking forward to the New Year. Before publishing my predictions for 2012, let’s see how the 2011 predictions did: Triggit 2011 Predictions: Without a doubt 2010 was a hell of a year for all of us here at Triggit. Not only has our space grown exponentially, but so have we. This year we grew over 2000% in revenue, our team tripled, and the number of RTB impressions that pass through our system grew by more than … Read More