One Year, One Order Of Magnitude Growth: Triggit Leads Way Onto Facebook Exchange

Triggit acknowledged as the dominant Facebook retargeting firm for the world’s largest advertisers Triggit, the global leader in retargeting on Facebook, announced today – exactly one year after serving its first ad on the Facebook Exchange (FBX) – that it has grown 779% in revenue since first getting on the ad exchange. In one short year, FBX has changed the online advertising space. Since last June, we’ve seen how well highly relevant experiences resonate with Facebook’s users. And now that we’re running dynamic creative ads in Facebook’s News Feed, Triggit’s FBX advertisers are starting to see conversion volume commensurate with … Read More

The Triggit RTB Platform

Full Campaign Controls From defining your campaigns to creating offer targeting parameters and uploading your creative, the RTB Platform leaves full control of your campaign in your hands. Site List Transparency and Insights. viagra order uk The RTB Platform provides organized, and accessible, access to full site-lists and available inventory. Real-Time, White List and Black List Controls With Triggit’s Fully transparent media buying, you can add any site to your white list, or black list, at any time. Global Frequency Capping Thanks to Triggits proprietary cookie store and user mapping, Triggit is able to apply global, cross exchange, frequency capping. … Read More