Conversations with a Software Engineer: Q&A with Mike Hoitomt

Curious about software engineering at an advertising technology company? Here’s what Mike Hoitomt, one of Triggit’s software engineers, has to say about programming, ad tech, why he loves working remotely. What did you do before starting as an engineer at Triggit? I started my career as a Mechanical Engineer for an Aerospace company. After doing that for a few years, I worked as a Project Manager for a Fortune 50 health insurance company. I really missed engineering though, so I was able to take on more technical roles while working there, while also going back to school. Eventually I became … Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Facebook Retargeting

Today’s post is cross-posted with FBPPC. By Alison Morris, Director of Marketing Retargeting has become a necessary ingredient in the digital advertiser’s marketing mix. 96% of advertisers say retargeting is already a part of their marketing mix, and 50% plan to increase retargeting budgets in the next six months. With retargeting on the rise, especially on Facebook, what can advertisers do to get the most bang for their buck this holiday season? We polled Triggit’s team of superhero Account Managers, and here’s what they had to say:   What are your top recommendations for advertisers looking to increase retargeting campaign … Read More

Brazil Spotlight: Interview with Gabriel Alves, Triggit Brazil

Curious about digital advertising in Brazil? Gabriel Alves, Triggit Brazil’s Accounts Operations Manager, recently paid us a visit from our São Paulo office, and here’s what he had to say about digital advertising, his expert retargeting advice, and why he loves this industry. What did you do before starting at Triggit? My first “business” experience in the digital space happened when I was just 15. I bought some shoes from China and resold them online in Brazil. Many years have passed since then, and seven years ago I first joined the technology industry when I began selling B2B integration solutions. … Read More

Facebook Atlas: People-based Marketing

By Zach Coelius, Co-Founder & CEO The 11th year of Advertising Week has come and gone, and the launch of Facebook’s Atlas ad server was without a doubt the highlight of the event. As Facebook explains on it’s own website: Atlas delivers people-based marketing, helping marketers reach real people across devices, platforms and publishers. By doing this, marketers can easily solve the cross-device problem through targeting, serving and measuring across devices. The promise of using the login as the primary source of identity (to connect people across devices, platforms and publishers) is incredibly exciting and everyone in the industry spent … Read More

Triggit To Offer Performance Retargeting Across TripleLift’s Native Advertising Exchange

Triggit, the global leader in performance retargeting, today announced a strategic partnership with TripleLift, a leader in native advertising. The business partnership will drive scalable performance for direct-response advertisers across the globe, offering a powerful combination of Triggit’s performance retargeting solutions and premium inventory on TripleLift’s native advertising exchange. Native advertising is the future of digital advertising, with spend expected to increase 1.6X in the next three years, outpacing display growth each year. Dynamic retargeting is the highest performing digital advertising with over 2X higher ROI than static ads. Combining forces, native retargeting drives over 15X higher CTR than banner … Read More

Triggit COO and Co-Founder Susan Coelius Keplinger Named One of Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs

September 5, 2014 – Triggit, the global leader in performance retargeting, announced that its co-founder and COO, Susan Coelius Keplinger, is one of ten female entrepreneurs recognized by Fortune Magazine as an exceptional innovator and game-changer poised to lead successful, global businesses. As one of the Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs, Keplinger will participate in this year’s Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, October 6-8 in Laguna Niguel, California. “I’m honored to be included in the company of such accomplished women,” said Keplinger. “I look forward to the Fortune World’s Most Powerful Women Summit to learn firsthand how these women have achieved … Read More

Content Marketing Meets Retargeting

By Alison Morris, Director of Marketing Content marketing has become increasingly important as brands aim to build trust and engage with new and existing consumers. 90% of B2C marketers leverage content marketing, and 60% of B2C marketers expect their content marketing budget to increase this year, according to the Content Marketing Institute. What are marketers doing with all of this content? Most of us are distributing it on social media platforms and publisher sites across the Internet. Not surprisingly, Facebook is at the top of the list — 89% of all B2C marketers use Facebook to distribute content. While content … Read More

It’s Back-to-School Time!

By Sajna Ramchandran, Director of Client Services & Strategy Did you know that Back-to-School time is the second biggest shopping season of the entire year, second only to the holiday season? eCommerce sales for the Back-to-School season are forecasted to increase 16% in 2014, with online spending higher than offline. eCommerce marketers have a huge opportunity to take advantage of these trends: Back-to-School (BTS) promotions start as early as July, so we’re in the thick of it! Entire blogs are dedicated to tracking the coolest water bottles, the “most swagger” backpacks &  wicked smart “looks” for the season! With parents … Read More

The Rising Tide of Native Retargeting

It is shocking, mind-boggling, and absolutely crazy that there is an entire industry driving $10+ billion in annual media spend, based on an ad unit driving less than 0.1% CTR. As if this isn’t inefficient enough, it’s estimated that only 8% of all Internet users account for 85% of the clicks. This isn’t new information by any means, but let me repeat this: Less than a tenth of all Internet users see these ads, and less than a tenth of one percent of those users ever click on these ads. Yes, we’re talking about the 20-year old banner ad, and … Read More

Marketing Confessions: I Ignore Banner Ads

By Alison Morris, Director of Marketing Remember the last time you noticed a really creative, eye-catching banner ad that was so relevant, it made you want to immediately stop what you were reading and click on it? Me neither. “Banner blindness is real. We’re conditioned to ignore anything that isn’t a part of a site’s content,” Triggit CEO Zach Coelious explains. This is precisely the reason banner ads fail to drive results — users aren’t seeing the ads, let alone clicking them, and direct response advertisers are wasting billions of dollars every day. As a digital marketer, I understand the … Read More

Facebook Custom Audiences: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

By Hoon Ra, WCA Product Lead During the first half of the year, Facebook consolidated their ad options, and, suddenly, Website Custom Audiences (WCA) inadvertently became a buzzword that many marketers started to come across.  As the WCA Product Lead at Triggit, I am often faced with the following set of questions when we first start talking to our direct response advertiser clients about WCA. As our clients begin planning their media strategies for the rest of 2014, with a significant portion going towards WCA, I thought it would be helpful to capture the three main questions that typically come … Read More

Triggit Launches Dynamic Native Retargeting Across The Internet

Triggit announces launch of dynamic native retargeting beta test. Triggit, the preferred dynamic retargeting partner on the Facebook Exchange (FBX), is proud to announce the launch of their dynamic native retargeting beta program. Having seen the success of dynamic native retargeting on Facebook’s News Feed, Triggit has been working with publishers for the last several months to bring that performance to the rest of the Internet. Through Triggit’s dynamic native retargeting beta, large advertisers will be able to serve highly relevant, fully dynamic retargeted ads through native formats across the Internet’s premier publishers. Over the last two years, large direct … Read More

The World Cup’s Effect on Brazil and Online Impressions

By Prachi Mishra, Product Marketing Manager, and Micah Stone, Accounts Analyst Like many companies this summer, Triggit has caught World Cup fever. While we’ve been enjoying watching the games both in our Sao Paulo office and here in San Francisco, we’ve noticed some different web traffic trends with our Brazilian market. On the days the Brazilian team was playing, there were some incredible shifts in volume. In fact, when the Brazilian team was on the field, we saw the following Facebook and web volume trends: During each game, impression volume dropped by nearly 40% After the game, impression volume increased … Read More

Product Announcement: New Right-Hand Column Ad Units for FBX

By Prachi Mishra, Product Marketing Manager We’re live! Behind the scenes we’ve been working closely with Facebook and our advertisers to bring about the next big change to FBX: a new design for ads in the Right-Hand Column (RHC). The new ad design on the RHC is larger, promises higher engagement, and offers advertisers a simpler, more cohesive approach to advertising with FBX. With the updated look, RHC ads will be more visually consistent with ads that appear in the News Feed. The larger ads use the same proportions as desktop News Feed ads, and during Facebook’s initial testing, the … Read More

CTR Performance Increases 8.3% With New FBX Call-To-Action Button

By Prachi Mishra, Product Marketing Manager Call-To-Action (CTA) Button Performance Update: Earlier this month, we began rolling out Facebook’s new Call-To-Action Button for desktop FBX News Feed ads. Over the last two weeks, we’ve tested the CTA button for select clients across vertical and region, and have closely monitored the data and performance. Well, the test is over and the results are in! In the two weeks after implementing the CTA button: CTR increased 8.3% across all campaigns. Retail vertical: CTR grew an average of 8.5% Travel vertical: CTR grew an average of 7.4% By Region: Variances across regions were … Read More

Advanced Segmentation: The Secret to Successful Retargeting

By Jenny Arimoto, Account Manager With over two billion Internet users worldwide and over 757 million daily users on Facebook, online advertising can sometimes seem like a shot in the dark. In this big, open, complex digital space, the power of retargeting lies in the ability to be relevant to the user. The more specific and granular your campaigns, the better the ad experience will be for the user, ultimately leading to better performance and reduced media waste. This is where audience segmentation comes in. Audience segmentation helps us identify user habits so we can be more aggressive in retargeting high-value … Read More

Advanced Implementation: 4 Things You Need to Know

By Jillian Gamache, Senior Business Analyst Any DR marketer can tell you, if you’re looking for an extremely high performing and ROI driving campaign, retargeting is an obvious choice. In our last blog post, we covered many of the fundamentals of feed integration. Today, we’ll be dive deeper into the importance of data in retargeting. Retargeting partners, like Triggit, can help you get the code (pixels, Javascript, etc) to get the most out of your website. Here are my top tips to take your retargeting code to the next level: 1. Universal Coverage Be sure your code covers the entire … Read More

Product Announcement: FBX News Feed Ad Units Now Featuring Call-To-Action Button

By Prachi Mishra, Product Marketing Manager Triggit is excited to announce today that we have integrated Facebook’s latest feature for FBX, a Call-To-Action (CTA) button for desktop News Feed ads. The new button will clearly highlight each ad’s call to action and, when clicked on, will take the user to the designated URL landing page (i.e. product page, category page, etc). We expect to see a positive impact on CTR and conversions from the addition of the CTA button; starting today, Triggit will roll out the CTA button for small scale testing across vertical and geography to closely monitor the … Read More

Getting The Most From Your Product Feed

By Kyu Shim, Account Analyst Today’s blog post is cross-published with FBPPC, the leading source for Facebook advertising news and views. By now, you’ve no doubt heard the performance benefits of dynamic retargeting: Up to 5X higher CTR and 2X higher ROI compared to static ads. While workarounds exist, a dynamic retargeting campaign consisting of thousands of products will generally require a product feed. Unlike a static campaign which requires manual ad copy creation for your entire product catalog, your product feed gives you the opportunity to create a central, automated source for your dynamic ad creatives. How do you get … Read More

News Feed Retargeting Tips to Increase Your ROI

By Corey Johnston, Sales Operations Manager As a direct-response advertiser, you probably already know that in-feed retargeting is an extremely powerful marketing tool. When properly executed, dynamic, in-feed retargeting ads drive up to 5X higher CTR, and 2X higher ROI compared to static ads. Despite the proven results, it’s shocking how many advertisers still haven’t caught on to dynamic, in-feed retargeting. The Facebook News Feed is undeniably one of the most popular places on the web, for users and advertisers alike. While many advertisers are utilizing this incredible opportunity to deliver engaging, relevant, and commercially-valuable native ads, I quite frequently … Read More