Cyber Monday: Facebook Retargeting CTR Nearly Doubles, 34% Higher Conversion Rate

By Alison Morris, Director of Marketing at Triggit

Stellar conversion rates, record-breaking retargeting CTRs and impressive campaign growth mean Facebook retargeting will emerge from 2013 as a proven direct response marketing tactic and take its place next to SEM as an always-on channel.

SEM was previously the only efficient and scalable channel to which advertisers allocated extra budget during the holidays, but the landscape has changed dramatically.  As our Year-Over-Year Cyber Monday data shows, Facebook retargeting has matured since last year and is the holiday gift that will keep on giving in 2014.

Advertisers spent a small portion of their online marketing dollars on Facebook retargeting in November and December 2012, only months after the official launch of the Facebook Exchange (FBX) – a time when the industry was still measuring up the opportunity.

One year later, with advanced retargeting technology and ever-increasing performance, it’s no surprise that the number of advertisers shifting more marketing dollars to FBX has continued to grow substantially this holiday season.

Cyber Monday performance on FBX reveals the following year-over-year growth:

As conversion rates rise due to the all day conversion effect, and CTR, CPC and volume grow with the increased adoption of dynamic right-rail and News Feed ads, FBX will go from a curiosity to a necessary, meaningful part of the marketing mix for SEM’s largest advertisers.

Whether reallocating budget to FBX now or allocating 2014 marketing budgets, advertisers can expect FBX to deliver meaningful volume of conversions and at a lower cost, ultimately increasing ROAS this month and next year. In 2014, FBX will become mainstream, so choosing the right FBX partner – with the right technology and proven results – has never been more important.

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