Triggit Case Study


Kodak Gallery is a service that allows users to upload and store photos, as well as create and purchase one-of-a-kind cards, books, prints, and gifts with the stored files. Although seeing success testing various DSPs for customer acquisition efforts, Kodak felt that the user profile and purchasing data stored in their CRM system was not being fully leveraged to maximize advertising efficiency and grow their customer base.

Campaign Objectives

Maximize order revenue while maintaining or improving an ROAS of 700%

The Triggit Solution

By directly integrating Kodak’s complete data set, applying advanced retargeting techniques, and validating results via proprietary attribution technology, Triggit far-exceeded expectations:

  1. A deep data integration was done via JavaScript and site pixels to directly connect Kodak’s CRM data with Triggit’s DMP.
  2. Three specific user segments were identified (anonymous users, registered users, purchasers) and tags put in place on the site to enable segment-specific targeting.
  3. Proprietary retargeting technology was used to buy impressions for each segment, including real-time bids and optimization, dynamic creative serving based on purchase funnel history, and A/B attribution testing.
  4. Conversion data, including products purchased, amount of spend, and customer segment were automatically fed back into the optimization algorithm.
  5. Triggit’s account services team did ongoing analysis on campaign results, and made site list allocation and bidding strategy adjustments to each segment as needed.

The Results

  • Campaign ROAS increased from 700% to an average of 1,100% using Triggit
  • Average cost per new customer dropped from $25 to $20 using Triggit

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