Sold out SF Roadshow recap and pictures

Thursday’s sold out “The Facebook Retargeting Landrush” event included attendees from Facebook, agencies, large advertisers, and other FBX partners. We’ve picked some photos from the event below, but feel free to view the rest of them here!

People begin streaming in 15 minutes early and by 6:45 PM it’s already a packed house

One of our guests busies himself viewing the infographic we released at our NYC roadshow about FBX

Seats fill up quickly as everyone quiets themselves for the presentation led by Triggit’s head of sales and marketing, Chris Zaharias

Our all-star panel (from left to right): Brian Anderson of LUMA Partners, Eric Stein of Epsilon, Zach Coelius of Triggit, Adam Berke of AdRoll, Natalia Dias of, Chris Zaharias of Triggit

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